Naval Station Norfolk Transit Extension Study


Hampton Roads Transit and the City of Norfolk are in the early phases of the corridor planning process for a possible high capacity transit extension to Naval Station Norfolk. The work will define potential routes and transit modes in Norfolk that will link The Tide light rail system with the Navy base.


This corridor study has three planning phases. Each phase has three public workshops to generate community involvement and allow citizens to freely express their ideas. The first workshops were held in June when the public identified six “themes” that may be used as a foundation for the project’s “purpose and need.”

The second set of workshops in September helped define, also in broad terms, key points of interest in Norfolk and possible corridors linking them to The Tide. Using string and push pins, citizens worked together to identify corridors connecting key destinations. The work produced corridor maps you can see here: Alignment Concepts – maps Keep in mind the maps represent concepts only, not proposed transit routes.

TideMap_current (2)

Our third phase and accompanying workshops just concluded. Here we asked participants to pick a preferred alignment as a means to narrow the possible choices. No final alignment has been selected. As the overall process proceeds, routes that are “fatally flawed,” for example routes requiring unreasonable feats of engineering or causing too much environmental damage, will be eliminated.

Public turnout has been strong. Citizens from across the region shared ideas and suggestions with the study team. Those ideas were captured and are part of the permanent record.

If you missed the workshops, you can still comment. Our public comment page - located here -  will allow you to comment directly to the study managers. Open City Hall, a service sponsored by the City of Norfolk, is another and we think pretty cool option because it allows comments to be read and shared by other citizens.  Click on the link below to see how.  Finally, to receive regular updates on the study, click here to sign up.

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Need to get caught up?

There are links below to all of the workshops. The YouTube link shows  the June presentation. The project’s first two newsletters are listed below as well.



Public Meetings

YouTube: Naval Station Norfolk Transit Extension Study

Contact our study managers

Julie Timm
Transit Development Officer
Hampton Roads Transit
509 E. 18th St.
Norfolk, VA 23504
757-222-6000 ex. 6699
Jeff  Raliski
Long Range Planning Manager
City of Norfolk
Department of Planning
810 Union St., Room 508
Norfolk, VA  23510